Chocolate Personalised with logo

A jewel of a chocolate. Reflecting you.

Order handmade personalised chocolates for all your events and company gifts.

Empreinte chocolat is the first Belgian chocolate manufacturer to propose this original service idea on the Belgian market : the personalisation of your chocolates and of their packaging for your personalised or corporate gifts

Make luxury and tradition work for your company : discover the flavours of our authetic handmade Belgian chocolates … and the know-how of professionals and chocolate lovers


Empreinte Chocolat - Personalised chocolates

Chocolate becomes a personalised jewel

Like in a jeweller’s shop where a necklace or a ring can be designed according to budget, here everything is possible : create a projet for personalised chocolates, send your Xmas and New Year greetings, celebrate a wedding anniversary, a birth, a company event or make a corporate gift.

Empreinte Chocolat - Personalised chocolates

By Arnaud Champagne

It was in 2012 that the chocolate Arnaud Champagne takes the adventure of Empreinte Chocolat … And always the same quality.


If you would like to have an offer for personalised chocolates, contact us at +32 471 55 53 71
or by mail at

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